The Diary of Pink Pearl - A Bird's Eye View (Paperback)

The Diary of Pink Pearl - A Bird's Eye View By Jes Furhmann, Jes Fuhrmann Cover Image
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Pink Pearl lived alone, without a feathered flock in her own little "bird room" confined inside a cage to protect her from the family feline who openly and peacefully shared their life with the humans. Scared and alone while the family drifting apart with their focuses turning to higher education and a better way to provide for their financial struggles to compete with the changing world, Pearly Bird began to self-destruct one feather at a time at the tender age of four. Screaming for freedom and for a chance to prove she that wasn't the "wild animal" she was accused of being only caused her to being imprisoned for eleven more years behind the cold, deaf bars of her cage. Then one day a caring angel answered her calls to finally be understood and given a chance to thrive amongst the strict, complicated, human environment. Now at home without predators and by the hands of a loving couple, Pearl begins to thrive and develop becoming once again the exotic family member from a small island devastated by self-destruction and neglect.
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ISBN: 9781618634238
ISBN-10: 1618634232
Publisher: Bookstand Publishing
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2012
Pages: 134
Language: English