Hydroponics Mastery Bible: 6 IN 1. The Complete Guide to Easily Build Your Sustainable Gardening System at Home. Learn the Secrets of Hydroponics (Hardcover)

Hydroponics Mastery Bible: 6 IN 1. The Complete Guide to Easily Build Your Sustainable Gardening System at Home. Learn the Secrets of Hydroponics Cover Image
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Learn the Secrets of Hydroponics and Boost your Gardening Skills

Do you want to grow your own food, but lack the space outside? Are you looking for a new challenge where the goal is to provide healthy food for your family? Do you want to create your very own soil-free garden?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, this book is for you - so keep reading

Among modern methods of growing crops, Hydroponics occupies a special place because of the many benefits it offers. It is nothing more than means the cultivation of plants without soil but in water. And the water is enriched with nutrients. The history of the emergence of hydroponics is associated with centuries of research by scientists, as a result of which a huge number of experiments were carried out that made it possible to determine the optimal balanced nutritional composition to ensure the vital activity of plants. As it turned out, the soil environment for crops is not necessary: plants successfully grow and develop if their root system is in contact with an aqueous medium containing all the necessary substances. This fact became fundamental for the development of hydroponics as a new method of crop production.

Through hydroponics, you no longer have to worry about removing weeds, and fighting pests in the soil. Plants that grow in a hydroponic system are healthier and grow faster. Another advantage is that through specific extensions, a hydroponic system can also be supplied semi-automatically or fully automatically. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for those who do not have a large garden, guaranteeing perfect results.

Hydroponics is important as its further development and improvement of which will help solve the global problems of humankind, including the most significant among them - providing food to an ever-growing number of people on our planet.

All these factors confirm the need to search for new, more effective methods of growing crops, one of which is hydroponics.

Hydroponics Mastery covers the following topics:

  • How Hydroponic Gardening Works
  • Different Types of Hydroponic Gardens
  • Techniques for Hydroponic Cultivation
  • How to Start your own Hydroponic Garden
  • Choosing the Right Site for your Garden
  • Best Plants for Hydroponic Gardening
  • Choosing the right Hydroponic System
  • How to Build your own Hydroponic System
  • System Maintenance
  • Common Problems and Troubleshooting
  • Safeguards
  • Tips and tricks to Growing Healthy Herbs, Vegetables, and Fruits

With respect to planting without soil, whether for business, for personal consumption, for leisure, or aesthetic purpose, this book holds in it all the details you need. You'll be sure to get the absolute most out of your efforts once you choose to cultivate your organic food at a hydroponic garden.

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Publication Date: January 7th, 2021
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