Barren: The Inside World Of Infertility (Paperback)

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Barren - gives an inside view of the multi-layered stress-provoking world of infertility. It lays bare the raw emotions and hidden fears when conception is not that simple. And it highlights realistic interventions that, when coupled with medical interventions, can help the infertile patients and their support team navigate this complex journey to destination: baby. This book is written by a registered nurse who has specialized in the field of infertility for more than a decade. She lays out this book in simple language and gives clear explanations of the biological complexities for patients. The reader will appreciate the true stories of patients who went through the emotional, psychological, spiritual, clinical, and financial highs-and-lows as they navigate their way to parenthood. The unpleasant emotions attached to the possibility of ending up childless often shred the fabric of a woman's self-worth and cripples her relationships and bank account. How do women and their partners cope with the clinical complexities when being barren seems like their world is falling apart? Infertility is taboo and still shrouded in secrecy despite high profile couples being more open about it. This author knows the subject well and describes the multi-layered complexity of infertility in simple terms with valuable tips on how to maximize your efforts to achieve success on the shortest possible journey. She coaches you to acknowledge the diagnosis but seek EVERY cure - not only the scientific formulas but a "whole-istic" approach.Barren - the inside world of infertility is a book not only for those facing difficulty conceiving, but also for their entire support system; relatives, friends, co-workers, clinicians, spiritual mentors, and anyone who wish to understand so they can be of meaningful support.
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ISBN: 9798589400526
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 1st, 2021
Pages: 328
Language: English