They Talk?: What Do They Say? (Paperback)

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Each species has its own means of vocal communication and undeniably it produces sounds. We humans talk, cats mewing and dogs bark - sometimes more than we can tolerate...The purpose of this brief, but inclusive booklet, is to highlight the reasons and the importance of barking.Once the reasons are established, you will discover the beauty of this language and how great it is to communicate with dogs. Dogs vocalise and use body language to express their emotional state. When they are happy, scared, anxious, stressed, frustrated, nervous, suffering from injury or illness, they will communicate it to us. Our role as caring, dog-guardians, is to ensure their physical and emotional prosperity. The objective is not to eliminate the language, but to understand it and recognise the causes that motivate it. Taking away any form of expression would be unfair and inhumane.
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ISBN: 9798653093333
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2020
Pages: 46
Language: English