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We are delighted to be taking pre-orders for signed copies of My Name Is Layla, the forthcoming novel by Reyna Marder Gentin for young readers, which will be released on January 19, 2021.

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Gentin, Reyna Marder
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TouchPoint Press
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A poignant middle grade novel about the struggles of dyslexia - My Name is Layla by Reyna Marder Gentin will be released January 19, 2021.

On the first day of eighth grade, thirteen year-old Layla has a pretty good idea of what's in store for her–another year of awkward social situations, mediocre grades, and teachers who praise her good behavior but find her academic performance disappointing. Layla feels certain she's capable of more, but each time she tries to read or write, the words on the page dance and spin, changing partners and leaving her to sit on the sidelines. But this year will be different. Her new English teacher, Mr. McCarthy, senses her potential and pushes her to succeed. Layla almost rises to the challenge before making a desperate choice that nearly costs her everything she's gained.

Gentin expertly creates a story with a mature voice to address issues young people face regarding relationships, loyalty, communication, and learning differences. Because of this and the story's more nuanced presentation of family issues, My Name is Layla is perfect for upper middle grade readers and their parents as well as schools, libraries, and any community dealing with learning disabilities. Young readers, parents, and educators alike will find their heartstrings being pulled as they watch Layla learn to thrive with her dyslexia.

About Reyna Marder Gentin
Reyna Marder Gentin lives with her husband and children in Westchester County, New York. Reyna's first novel, Unreasonable Doubts, a romantic legal thriller inspired by her work as a public defender, was a finalist in the Women's Fiction Writers Association Star Award for debut fiction and you can find it at Reyna studies at The Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College and her short stories and personal essays have been published widely online and in print. You can find out more by visiting If you'd like to arrange a visit to your school, please contact her at